Rush order
They showed up on Friday just like you promised, and my boys wore the next morning in the Varsity 8 final and WON!

Thanks again for your help, i really appreciate it and the shirts are great. 

Greg King
 How we Help You

Got the order. I am going to go through it and double check. I can not thank you enough for putting every athletes stuff in their own bag....that saves me so much time!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing the outerwear.


US Team Kudos
Hey Laura,
I meant to sent this last week but the gear looks GREAT. I like the retro kinda 80's look with the white shirt and tights. It's been in the high 20'a low 30's and sunny in the am's the last couple of days and the guys have been rocking the ensemble and loving every bit of it. They've volunteered to be product testers for any new fabrics you guys want to try.
Thanks again for your help in getting this to us,

Rush Order

Hi Lindsay (and crew),
Just wanted to say thanks again for getting my team uniform out to me!  It was there waiting for me Saturday when I got home from work, I was so amazed- like this didn’t even exist 48 hours ago!!!  Anyway, it looks great, our whole team looked great, and our boat won!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy Seymour

Athlete Confidence
Hey Lindsay,

I'm just confirming that we got our unis as of yesterday and that everyone was very pleased with how they turned out.  Quoting one of our team members: "I feel like a hero when I put this uni on."

Thank you for getting everything taken care of promptly and thanks to JL for an excellent product.

Thank you again,
Thomas Wytock

Rower discovers
Technical Advantage
I have started rowing again after not setting foot in a scull or shell for nearly 25 years.  I purchased a Maas Aero to get back into it.  It has taken a few days on the water to blow out the cobwebs and regain some of my old form.  Things are certainly different than when I left rowing... both in equipment... and my body type!

One of the things I discovered immediately was I could not wear a regular baggy sweatshirt like in the old days.  (I almost dumped three times due to catching my right oar in the material.)I went out Sunday morning wearing my new t-shirt, tights and turtle shell.  What a difference!  Not only was I warm, but I didn't over-heat and have to strip down.  And best of all, I could move freely. The oar(handles) just slid right over my body giving me one less thing to think, or should I say worry about.

I am very happy with your clothing line!  I love that the shirts and jackets cover the seat, and the tights don't slide down my butt like my Hot Chilies do.  My only problem is I am too short for your extra long arms and legs. But what the heck, I just rolled them up and they work fine.

So Thank You for designing such a great line of clothing.  It has made a great difference in the pleasure of my morning workout.  And the fact that I had great customer service at your store was just icing on the cake.

Thank you again,
Mike Wilson

Fabric Testing
Hello Joline,

After winter training, and especially winter training with the yellow wool zipped longsleeve shirt you gave me for testing, i like to tell you very honestly "this shirt is currently my favourite", because of the nice feeling of the fabric, the zipper, and the combination of warmth and cooling the wool gives me.

Thank you you for the test-shirt and I am really looking forward to "wool" in your JL collection,

Annick from Gent

Long Life, Quality, Value


I have received the last pair of shorts (dark blue with white stripes).

I don't know if this is a customer satisfaction bureau, but I will say that I am very satisfied with the quality of the shorts (especially the inside lining and strong stitching).  I have other JL shorts and they are still in great shape after many years of long rows.
I also have other (cheaper) shorts from another company but they are falling apart to the extent that if I were to wear them in public I would probably get arrested..
Keep up the good work.

guido taddei

Working Relationships
Hi Joline -

It's been such a pleasure working with Robert and Ken. I really appreciate everything that they did to help me with the design and billing of our order, not to mention the execution! These jackets are so cool!

Thanks again for everything!

Going the Extra Mile
Hey Lindsay,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks.  We really appreciate you going the extra mile to be sure we got our uniforms in time for our race.  We are thoroughly impressed with the look and quality of the unisuit, but we are even more impressed with the effort you made to be sure we had them in time.  Thanks again, and we look forward to doing business with JL again!  Thanks so much!!

Keith Miller

Quality Unmatched
"WOW! You guys do great work. We are in the process of inventorying everything now. One thing is for sure the quality and style is unmatched...Thanks once again for all your help!"
Chris - Oregon area HS Track Team

 JL Caps Kudos
"I picked up the hats yesterday. They look awesome! I think they are actually better than the HxxxxSxxxx (rhymes with ShmedZwetz)we got last year. I really like the thicker inner layer of terry cloth for wicking sweat and I also like that they are a bit sturdier than the HxxxxSxxxx. Also, the velcro in the back is really nice. Thanks!"