Team Stores

The JL Paddling Team Store system makes team ordering suppppper easy!

A Team Manager's Best Friend

The JL team store is not only a seamless way to collect money and sizing. It is the ultimate time saver! No more 2-day pizza parties with kit strewn all over your living room. We do all the sorting for you!


How it Works?

  1. Timing
    Team stores can be open from 2 days to 1 month. Production doesn’t start until the team store has closed. It is very important that you get in touch with your rep with plenty of time!

  2. Team Store Setup
    All garments and art must be finalized before the store can be setup and opened. Your rep will set your store up for you, and send you a PDF proof before the store opens. Once the store is open, you will be sent a custom link to send out to your team

  3. Shopping Spree
    Each individual can then visit the store up until the close date. They can view all items available to the team, select their size and quantity, and add to cart!

  4. We produce
    Once the team store closes, the production clock starts. Production time can range from 3-5 weeks depending on size, time of year, and complexity

  5. We ship
    We individually package each riders order to save you the hassle. Your team can choose bulk or direct shipping!