Sustainable Practices

Though we are a small manufacturer in California, social and environmental issues are at the top of our agenda when making operational decisions. Our personal commitment to responsible manufacturing has been central to JL since the beginning. Find out how we Walk the Walk!

Recycled Fabrics - Why you should care?

Recycled fabrics perform the same as their virgin counterparts, but require 65% less energy to manufacture and give a second life to material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. These recycled fabrics perform at the highest level; helping you achieve your athletic goals and helping JLVelo reach our sustainability goals. Our Drywick Lite, Vertex, Polartec 200, Powerdry, and Illusion are made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

Manufactured Locally

Your kit, from shoe covers to bibs to jackets, are 100% made in the USA, at our factory in south Orange County, California. We also source as close to productioon as possible--when selecting the fabrics, the zippers, all the way down to incidentals. Fabrics not milled in the US are vetted carefully for sustainable practices.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels provide up to 60% of the energy needed to sew your garments. Since installing our panels in 2006, we've known that investment in solar is not only good business, but reflects a deep desire to make a difference. We're in this for the long haul.

All the small things

If it comes recycled, biodegradable or clean, that's what you'll find in our factory. From copy paper to ink; from the electronics we buy to the fuel we put in our vehicles(natural gas, biodiesel, electricity), we choose the cleanest products out there. We vote with our $$ knowing that it makes a difference.

Employment Practices

At JL we treat each other well and stick together. Even before Health Care was mandated, our employees enjoyed fully paid health & dental insurance, retirement & profit sharing benefits. We're family-owned and operated with numerous sets of siblings and families of all sizes working together. Less time training new employees and more time making your gear!