Kayak & Canoe

I don’t know about you, but when I tell someone I’m a kayaker the response almost always includes some kind of arm motions that rarely resemble anything close to the actual kayaking stoke… Nevertheless, I am proud to say I’m a kayaker and I usually reply politely with a chuckle and a “Ya, something like that”. Here at JL we know kayaking and we have what you and your team needs to outfit yourself in any conditions whether it’s on flat water, down the river or in the ocean.

We’ve listed some of our favorite garments for you here--but have almost too many to show everything that we do! Please give us a call or email info@jlpaddling.com, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Technical Shirts (AKA Rashguards)

  • A tight fitting shirt made from Drywick, Lite Drywick or Polypropylene
  • Fabrics are wickable, with high UPF values for a 4-way stretch fabric
  • Offered in lots of styles, shortsleeve and long, with several neck treatments
  • Available in Men’s & Women’s Cut
  • Use Color-blocking or Full Sublimation for a great team look

One-Piece Suits

  • Racing and training garment with Male- and Female-specific engineering
  • Fabrics are wickable; combine highly technical fabrics with the correct features for the top and bottom
  • We do variable sizing--get a Large top with Medium bottom
  • Long- or short-waisted? We do length variations at no extra charge, even for large team orders!
  • Use Color-blocking or Full Sublimation for a great team look


  • A snug-fit tank made of 4-way stretch Drywick or Lite Drywick
  • Tank-style or Racer-back styles offered for both men and women
  • Armholes are an athletic cut, with plenty of room for your lats
  • Color Blocking and Full Sublimation are available

Custom Jerseys

  • A loose-fitting shirt made of recycled fibers
  • Offered in lots of styles shortsleeve and long, with your choice of neck treatments
  • Fabric has high UPF value for sun protection
  • Available in Men’s & Women’s cut
  • Fully sublimated for brilliant colors

Custom Tank

  • A loose-fitting top in men & women's cut
  • Available as Sleeveless (shown), or Tank Style
  • Plenty of room for your lats with our athletic armhole shaping
  • Made of Recycled fiber, with high UPF rating
  • Fully sublimated for brilliant colors

Catalina Paddling Short

  • Drywick or Polypropylene shorts designed & cut to work with you & your boat
  • Double-seated to reduce friction between you and the sides of the boat
  • Fabrics are wickable, won't drag you down when in transition
  • Available in Unisex or Women’s cut
  • A great fit under your board shorts for comfort in the boat

Neoprene Paddling Short

  • Made of 5 ml Neoprene with 4-way stretch
  • Available in Unisex or Women’s cut
  • Ultimate protection against boat rash
  • Seams are flatlocked for longevity

Yoga Pant, Tights & Capris

  • Team logos and art on Custom Yoga banded bottoms
  • Shorts, Tights, Capris, all in your colors
  • Made of breatheable and wicking recycled fibers
  • Custom lengths available